Most advanced coir products production aimed at maximum satisfaction


In order to guarantee high quality products, we Grow Green Coirs maintains a very strict control on the production procedure in our factories.

Grow Green Coirs invests time and labor in the production procedure to ensure that our factories are keep up with Grow Green Coirs high standards.

Raw material :

The first stage in the production is to soak the Husk in a water reservoir. During this stage the Husk is softened by the water. Grow Green Coirs does not use young Husks for this stage. Since this is the first stage for all Grow Green Coirs products, (Besides Crush material), Grow Green Coirs has no products based on immature husks.


Extraction of all material that is relevant to Grow Green Coirs products are from the Husk.

Double sieving (removing long fibers and dust) :

This procedure is the final stage and with this stage Grow Green Coirs makes sure that each product fits exactly to its quality requirements. The sieving is critical for the uniformity and quality of all Coco (coir) products.